Spa Massage Candles

Enriching, Sensual and Amazingly Relaxing!

Spa Massage Candles... melt into a massage oil, a bath oil and then enjoy your own luxurious home spa experience!

Our Spa Massage Candles are used with or without another to create a home spa experience. Spa massage candles contain a blend of pure essential oils, vitamin rich shea butter and sweet almond oil to intensively moisturise and hydrate skin

The massage oil heats to only a few degrees above body temperature and when applied to skin feels extraordinarily relaxing. This provides intensive nourishment even more so than what can be expected from the application of a traditional cool moisturiser or oil.  Spa Massage Candles also scent surroundings while caring for your skin

Spa Massage Candles from the Sensuelle collection are used in 5 different ways…

Use as a massage oil or bath oil – extinguish the candle flame once a melt pool has formed around the sides of the container and pour the melted oil directly onto the skin for massaging or directly into warm bath water

Use as a lip balm or a perfume balm – there is no requirement to light the candle, instead rub a warm fingertip onto the surface of the candle and apply to the lips, neck or wrists

Use as a Home Candle – light the wick and allow the candle to delicately fragrance a room