Candles that Melt into Sensual Massage Oils to
Re-ignite the Chemistry & Spark!

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So I hear it all the time, ‘We’re exhausted, we’ve drifted apart,  I’m just not that interested anymore, we don’t have the time or inclination,’ etc etc.

Not making time and time for each other eventually leads to burn out, stressed bodies, damaged relationships, health issues, the list goes on!
Everyday life, children, household chores, work, family commitments etc eventually one way or another get in the way of spending proper quality time with your special loved one
Your significant other should be your biggest support and vice versa but through time and neglect this sometimes can drastically change as the years roll on, both becoming weary, tired and even resentful from pressures and strains of daily life
You NEED to commit the time from all other distractions and make a concerted effort to demonstrate how much you value one another and no better way in doing that than giving the gift of a sensual massage to really connect again on all levels, it really does make a difference!
So forget about real life for a moment and just enjoy putting that spark back into things and letting the butterflies of anticipation go crazy in your tummy!  And like everything be consistent with it to achieve the best outcome possible!

Your health, happiness, wellbeing and marriage will thank you for it in the long run!

‘You can’t start a Fire without a Spark…!’
Bruce Springsteen



Our Spa massage candles contain a blend of pure essential oils, vitamin rich shea butter and sweet almond oil to intensively moisturise and hydrate skin, they have an amazing ‘slip’ on them so perfect for massaging and a little goes a long way! At least 10 applications per luxury size Spa Massage Candle!
The massage oil heats to only a few degrees above body temperature and when applied to skin feels extraordinarily relaxing. This provides intensive nourishment even more so than what can be expected from the application of a traditional cool moisturiser or oil. Spa Massage Candles also scent surroundings while caring for your skin
Spa Massage Candles from the Sensuelle collection are used in 3 different ways…
Use as a massage oil or bath oil – extinguish the candle flame once a melt pool has formed around the sides of the container and pour the melted oil directly onto the skin for massaging or directly into warm bath water
Use as a Home Candle – light the wick and allow the candle to delicately fragrance a room