These Create Instant Spark
& allow you both
to Re-Connect!

Autumn Spice Home Candle
A Cheeky Gin
With A Slither Of Lemon
The Tantiliser
(Lemongrass & Geranium)


Candles that Melt into Sensual Massage Oils

Pour onto Skin and Massage for INSTANT Sexual Spark and Fun!



Look away now if you are easily embarrassed or worse still easily offended

Neither of the above?

You are our PERFECT Customer and our Massage Candles are perfect for YOU BOTH

So let’s talk about Sex and how our Massage Candles can add some fun to your intimacy!  So, LADIES get ready for him to light you up using one of our Massage Candles… 










It’s a WIN for Deeper Intimacy!… How?? 

Well let’s face it, Men and Women are very different when it comes to sex.  Men usually put a higher priority on sex than Women, while Women take a more holistic approach to a relationship

Men want Physical Oneness, Women want Emotional Oneness, Men need to feel respected and Women need to feel understood.

Men are very visual and Women are more concerned about words used and actions.

And so, BOTH sexes are very different and what drives them sexually is very different too!





Our Massage Candles fulfil the needs of BOTH!

First the Scent...
then the Sensation!

Men are mainly the initiators and love variety…

Women are normally the responders and our sexual response is somewhat slower and there’s a need to BUILD UP EXCITEMENT – no better way to do this than to start with a sensual massage!  

Women want to feel CONNECTED to their loved one, and after a thermal massage this is DEFINITELY the case. I should know I created these for good reason! Men’s sexual response is normally quicker and they always desire a certain sexual act… a more willing lover is one who is already warmed up through TOUCH with a sensual massage.

GENTLEMEN, you especially will love the aphrodisiac scents from the massage candles which will leave you no other option but to focus your attention on her WHOLE BODY!

So Experience for yourselves our Massage Candles for the Ultimate Sexual Kick Starter… EVERY TIME!


Ladies you will have a longer and more in-depth intimate experience and Gentlemen you will undoubtedly be reciprocated with a more intense one!   

The Full Range

So I hear it all the time....

'We’re exhausted from looking after the kids or we’re drifting apart or I’m just not that interested in sex anymore or we don't have the time or the inclination
etc, etc..!'

Making Time For Each other

Not making time for each other eventually leads to burn out, stressed bodies, damaged relationships, health issues, the list goes on!

Everyday life, children, household chores, work, family commitments etc eventually one way or another get in the way of spending proper quality time with your special loved one

Your significant other should be your biggest support and vice versa but through time and neglect this sometimes can drastically change as the years roll on, BOTH becoming weary, tired and even resentful from pressures and strains of daily life

You NEED to commit the time from all other distractions and make a concerted effort to demonstrate how much you value one another and no better way in doing that than giving the gift of a sensual massage to really connect again on all levels, it really does make a difference!

So forget about real life for a moment and just enjoy putting that SPARK back into things and letting the butterflies of anticipation go crazy in your tummy!  And like everything be CONSISTENT with it to achieve the best outcome possible

Your health, happiness, wellbeing and marriage will thank you for it in the long run!

‘You can’t start a Fire without a Spark…!’
Bruce Springsteen


Containing a blend of pure essential oils, vitamin rich shea butter and sweet almond oil to intensively moisturise and hydrate skin, our Massage Candles have an amazing ‘slip’ on them so perfect for massaging and a little goes a LONG way!

At least 10 full body applications per luxury size Massage Candle! 

The massage candle oil heats to only a few degrees above body temperature and when poured onto skin feels extraordinarily relaxing and very sensual!

Once you try once you will always want more!

First the Scent… then the Sensation!