Skincare Candles

Made from 100% natural vegetable wax our candles do not emit any toxic fumes into the home environment, instead they transform your home into a fragrant haven.

Skincare Candles

Skincare serums and oils from our Skincare Candle collection are bespoke beauty treatments designed to relax and nourish specific areas of the body.  A range of innovative treatments encapsulated in a candle, some of which may not have been seen before, until now!  

Carefully selected pure essential oils and natural ingredients used in this skincare collection are illustriously renowned for beautifying and rejuvinating skin, relaxing tired muscles, providing nourishment for the décolletage and even creating heart-warming bonding experiences for expectant mothers.

Each of these beautifying and relaxing treatments will provide that much needed pampering experience!

Available in two sizes –

Luxury size 170g (minimum of 10 applications)
Miniature size 85g (minimum of 5 applications)

‘First the scent… then the sensation!’