Candle Snuffer & Trimmer Set


The Candle Snuffer and Trimmer set is a very handy accessory and smart addition to all your candles!


It’s ergonomic design and flexible top makes it easier to reach all candles, and snuff them out effectively and safely reducing a smoking effect

No more incessant blowing that sprays molten wax around surfaces. Snuffing gently starves the flame of oxygen until it is put out without leaving (potentially fire causing) debris in your melt pool



This cuts the wick before each use to reduce ‘mushrooming’ of the wick and thereby reduces a smoking effect that would interfere with the candle’s ability to scent the room

Your candle wick always needs to be trimmed to around 4mm before its next burn. Candle wick trimmers help prolong the life of your candle by preventing wick debris in the wax, black soot and a hazardous uneven flame


The material used to make both candle tools is lightweight and so they do not heat up quickly, minimizing any chances of contact burns

The clever design of the Candle Snuffer and Trimmer makes it easy to wipe and keep clean

Both tools share the simplistic elegance that is expected of Candle de la Crème, a stunning set for any candle lover to have on hand.  The set also looks fantastic on display next to your candle


  • Ergonomic design makes it easier to grip and slip-resistant
  • Manufactured with stainless steel
  • Rust resistant and easy to clean
  • Effectively puts out candles and trims candle wicks without any hassle
  • Sleek design, tool set enclosed in a beautiful black velvet bag