Memories by Candle de la Crème

Champagne by candle-light during midsummer evenings…. select your favourite candle scent and experience summer evenings with a chilled glass in hand, creating new memories by Candle de la Crème!

Candle de la Crème make more than just candles… we create fragrances that encapture new experiences and enhance fond memories. I am always reminded of certain childhood experiences through the reacquaintance of different aromas. For instance when I smell certain baked aromas of short-bread, custard tarts and fruity boiled cake I am reminded of the mouth watering baked delights that my greatly missed grand-mother used to frequently bake. It takes me back to happy moments in time of licking her baking bowl and wooden spoon clean and watching and learning from this incredible woman who once was.

Equally our adult experiences can be enhanced and influenced by the scents that surround us therefore we want to make both the experiences and scents formidable so we can reminisce of days gone by as we race through life at what seems like 100mph.

Selecting a Candle de la Crème candle opens the door to recreating those much missed days with those we love and creating new memories with those who we can influence, nurture and teach, so they too can some day reminisce! And so the stories and memories continue on and on and on for generations to come!

Beverley x x