Lip and Perfume Balms by Candle de la Crème!

Did you know that our Sensuelle collection products can be used as lip balms and perfume balms? As well as being massage oils and bath oils, all encapsulated in a single luxury candle!

The candle wick does not even require lighting, just simply slide a warm finger along the surface of the candle and apply to your lips. The smooth and nourishing balm will glide onto your lips providing intensive hydration and enrichment to the delicate lip area. Say goodbye to toxic petroleum based lip balms and instead replace with a natural chemical free one from our Sensuelle range.

Want a moisturising long lasting scent to apply to your skin as opposed to a stringent alcohol based perfume that quickly evaporates after spraying? Instead apply the balm to your pulse points on your neck and wrist area, providing a beautiful fragrance but also moisturising the skin area at the same time.


Why not try…

Displaying your beauty candle handy to where you get showered in the morning. If you decide to ignite it, it will scent the air with a beautiful aroma while you prepare for the day ahead and then dip your fingers into the melt pool and apply the warm oil to your skin. Alternatively, if you are in a hurry, simply rub your warm fingertip onto the surface and apply to your lips, neck and wrist area.

Or have your beauty candle displayed at your work station, if igniting the wick is prohibited, then top up on the lip balm and perfume balm during the course of the day.

At the end of the day, come home, fire up the candle flame, allow the melt pool of natural oil to form and simply poor into your bath water for a moisturising, fragrance infused water haven!

Definitely a beauty candle that is worth its weight in gold!

Beverley x x