Dance in the Summer Rain!

Too often we forget the simple things in life so let’s get back to basics where WE all began… as babies and then as young curious and excitable children! We loved to splash in puddles, show off doing little tumbles that graduated into big cartwheels, we used to scream with delight at the top of our voices and sit around in the grass either making daisy chains or digging up worms (both weren’t normally combined by either sex), climbing, running, skipping and indeed jumping! Amongst a host of hide and seek games, rounders, attempts at building the perfect ‘hut’ we were living life not just existing as many adults resort to doing. All summer long no matter what the weather decided to do, outdoor life was the platform for vivid imaginations.

Although we are the responsible adults we can learn a lot from our children as they should do from us. They are a reminder of what joy we should experience, just like they do in their innocent daily lives. No thoughts of regret, envy, pride, resentment, disappointment, hurt and pain tarnish their perception of life and shouldn’t do for a very long time and hopefully not at all. So, if our adult experiences have brought us a host of worries, fears and disappointments we should take a leaf out of a child’s book and allow a more simplistic and healthy perspective to take over in order for restoration and joy to take root and not bitterness. Children are our future and we want to avoid at all costs our children being burdened and repeating the hurts of past generations.

So with all said, take advantage of the summer rain, grab a beautiful moment with your child or by yourself and dance in the summer rain and feel immense relief, silliness and incredible joy!

Beverley x x