Meet Beverley!

The 3 S’s…. SKINCARE, SPAS and SEX!

I love Skincare (daily!), I love Spas (any time, any place!) and all things Sensual (with my Husband of course!)

The commonality between all 3 are MASSAGES in 3 entirely different contexts!


Skincare Massage for beautifying naturally

Spa Massage for relaxation


Sensual Massaging for pleasure!

The more beautiful and relaxed I feel the better Sexually!  

No point in shying away from the subject of sex… it’s important both physically and emotionally in a marriage! 

There’s a lot of Psychology to sex as well of course as the physical side of things… and this is where our MASSAGE CANDLES come in… they add fun, chemistry and spark!

I created MASSAGE CANDLES and SKINCARE CANDLES that not only help you look great but more importantly make you FEEL GREAT too!

Our SKINCARE CANDLES are just for you and then SHARE and ENJOY our MASSAGE CANDLES with your loved one… fire up the candle wick and TURN ON the heat!

‘First the Scent… then the Sensation!’