5 Unusual facts about Candle de la Crème!

1) Our natural beauty products are spa massage oils, skin serums and bath oils that are made in the form of a candle!

2) Our Cosmètique collection encompass 8 different skin serums/oils that are encapsulated in a candle and treat different areas of the body.

3) Our Sensuelle Collection are spa massage oils that can be used in 5 different ways (which of course includes simply just being a candle!).

4) We soon hope to have sole trademarks for our 3 most exclusive beauty products – The Dècolletage Candle, The Derrière Candle and The Pregnancy Candle. We will keep you posted!

5) We have created a natural home collection of candles, our Havre Collection. These are available in 12 different exquisite fragrances. We took the unusual step to double wick each home candle to allow for the fullest of aroma dispersals.

See for yourself how our beauty products are positively and beautifully different!


Beverley x x