EXCITING NEWS!! Introducing our NEW Brand Ambassador!

We are beyond delighted to introduce our new brand ambassador ESTELLE WALLACE A.K.A. SHRINK COACH, a sister in Christ who has an enormous heart to help and encourage others through fitness, nutrition and wellbeing.

Estelle is the founder of The SHRINK COMPLETE FITNESS PROGRAM – www.shrinkcompletefitness.com, advocating health in abundance through eating wholesome foods and focusing on inner wellbeing.

Estelle’s program diverts from the fickle pursuit of vanity which leave many feeling inadequate and lacking in confidence especially through the ageing process!

At Candle de la Crème it is also important about how you feel and looking after your wellbeing through massage and relaxation.

The emphasis is on natural skincare and making the most of your God given beauty and not injecting toxic chemicals into your body or going under the knife, which in the end can ultimately age and distort your appearance and leave you feeling totally disheartened.

Growing beautifully and gracefully inside and out is key to TRUE contentment.

With this in mind and to coincide with the announcement of our NEW Brand Ambassador Estelle Wallace is Candle de la Crème’s NEW customer loyalty and wellbeing rewards known as MASSAGE MOMENTS!

Massage Moments are earned with every Candle de la Crème online purchase!

100 Massage Moments earned will entitle customers to a FREE massage at a luxury Spa Hotel such as the 5 star Merchant Hotel, Belfast.

Not only are we creating luxury products but we are now also offering a luxurious experience to be enjoyed. One that will enhance wellbeing and provide some valuable time out from our stressful world.

So to celebrate the announcement of our NEW Brand Ambassador Estelle Wallace and the launch of our NEW customer loyalty and wellbeing rewards MASSAGE MOMENTS we are giving away a BONUS 20 MASSAGE MOMENTS and a FREE miniature spa massage candle with every online purchase until end of May 2018!

Beverley xx

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