Spa Massage Candles – What are they? How are they used?

Candles that can be used in the home to create your very own spa-like haven with or without the help of another. The scent, the ambience, the touch, the candle! All make for a real spa like experience in the comfort of your own home and without the expense!

When the candle is ignited the natural soy wax enriched with vitamin E melts into a luxurious massage oil that can be used in 5 different ways, as a….

Massage oil

Bath oil

Lip balm

Perfume balm


4 steps to creating a home spa experience

1. Ignite your spa massage candle and allow it to delicately fragrance your bathroom.

2. Extinguish the flame once an even melt pool has formed and pour a small amount of melted oil under warm running bath water.

3. Soak in the bath for as long as desired and allow your skin to be moisturised by the nourishing oil.

4. Towel dry and use the remainder of the oil for a relaxing massage or for moisturising dry areas.
To use as a lip balm and perfume balm there is no requirement to ignite the candle just simply dab a warm finger on the surface of the candle and apply to lips, neck and wrists.

Everyone deserves some time out from our stressful world and with our spa massage candles from our Sensuelle Collection you can do just that – relax, unwind, recharge and repeat as often as possible in your own home!

You deserve it!


Beverley x x