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Our Massage Candles

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Discover Candle de la Crème™ creators of MASSAGE CANDLES to enjoy with your special loved one!

MASSAGE CANDLES that stimulate the senses and increase sexual desire, reigniting SPARK and CHEMISTRY! 

SKINCARE & FACIAL CANDLES for glorious skincare that is hydrating and nourishing!

Best for Luxury Skincare & Spa Treatment Products – Northern Ireland & LUX Excellence Award for Natural Skin Care Ingredients 2017

Light up the wick and watch our Massage Candles transform into Thermal Oils for Intensive and Sensual Massaging!

'Why Don't We Spice It Up...?'

Massage is an amazing way to unwind, de-stress and CONNECT more intimately than ever before with your loved one

Pour Candle oil directly onto skin and MASSAGE while Inhaling scented oils for the ultimate aphrodisiac!

We are inviting you to discover and explore our different MASSAGE CANDLES to enjoy together

SKINCARE and FACIAL CANDLES are just for YOU!  To feel stunning in your own skin while wearing nothing else!

If you desire fun and passionate intimacy, use our Massage Candles and begin with a Sensual Massage increasing pleasure with each dribble of massage oil!


relating to or tending to arouse sexual desire or excitement

Welcome to Wellbeing

Discover our pathway of stepping stones to enhance your wellbeing.

Click on each stepping stone of spa massage and skincare candles to reveal how each enriches and enhances wellness

Which stone will you step onto first?

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