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Dear Candle Connoisseur…

Discover Candle de la Crème™ the vital missing link between beautiful scents, luxurious spa treatments and glorious skincare.  Our Skincare products are multi-talented and innovative.  Say farewell to uncomfortable cold moisturising!

SPA MASSAGE CANDLES – Sensuelle Collection 5 in 1 candles that can be used as a spa massage oil, a bath oil, a lip balm, a perfume balm and of course as a scented candle using only natural and organic ingredients.  

These oils are warmed by a naked candle flame for intensive nourishment while also distributing exquisite aromas for incredible ambience and to enhance well-being… and can be poured directly onto skin! 

Containing cosmetic grade soybean wax, they are naturally enriched with vitamin e, non-greasy and absorb beautifully into the skin.  Containing powerful antioxidants and the purest of essential oils that repair, protect and nourish.

SKINCARE CANDLES – Cosmétique Collection candles that are designed to target specific areas of the body to beautify, containing natural ingredients that are renowned to help different areas of the skin.  For example, the Décolletage Candle™ containing ingredients that help to nourish and smooth the more delicate and thinner skin of the neck and cleavage.

HOME FRAGRANCE – Parfum Maison Collection being launched very soon! This is our luxury home fragrance collection containing natural wax candles and decadent reed diffusers.  A plethora of distinctive fragrances are showcased to entice all tastes and to scent every home, leaving an ever-lasting impression!

First the scent. . .  then the sensation!’

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First the scent...then the sensation!

Candle de la Crème - Spa and Skincare encapsulated in a Candle!